Flirtual is a virtual reality dating app that aims to connect VR users in order to meet up. Flirtual matches users based on their interests and personality type. The app also has a VR chat feature. Users can send and receive messages with other users from any VR app. Flirtual also holds speed dating events.

Flirtual members are primarily young adults in their early 30s. They’re usually based in the United States and are usually male. They’re also tech-savvy. Although Flirtual matches you based on personality compatibility, you’re free to choose your own preferences and gender.


Flirtual’s matching process is more sophisticated than the typical dating app. The creators of Flirtual want people to form meaningful relationships based on common interests. They also hope that people will grow emotionally and socially within the virtual world. Unlike other virtual reality dating apps, Flirtual allows you to connect with strangers in a safe and supportive environment.

While the concept of VR dating apps is still relatively new, it’s already a reality for some. It’s becoming a trend, and Flirtual hopes to make them more realistic. The new app allows users to communicate with one another in a VR world, where users interact through avatars. And with its VR-friendly features, Flirtual aims to make these VR dates feel as real as possible.

The app has a similar interface to Bumble and Tinder. Users can see avatars of their potential partners. They can also chat on Discord and VRChat. It also allows users to see each other’s favorite VR games look. The interface of Flirtual is reminiscent of its rivals, but there are a few notable differences.



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