Dating – You can ask out someone who is more attractive than you. If your attractiveness is 7 out of 10, you may even ask them out. This is called assortative mating. This phenomenon is natural and occurs often. But how do you get past the superficiality and build a deeper connection? Keep reading for some tips. Here’s what you need to know to have a successful date.

Getting to know someone on a deeper level

One of the challenges of forming a relationship with a person who is more attractive than you is getting to know them on a deeper level. The physical attraction can distract you from exploring the other facets of their personality. Most of the information you have about them is surface level, based on social media and hearsay, not on real conversations and experiences. It can be difficult to see a person’s full personality once they’re so visually attractive.


Avoiding rejection

First, you should learn about your potential partner’s standards. You should also put forth the effort to make yourself a great fit. If you can, try meeting your potential date in a variety of places and times. If possible, take plenty of pictures of yourself and use multiple copies to ensure you are the best match. Also, don’t put your crush on a pedestal – you should be able to prioritize your own happiness.

Keeping your composure on a date

When you are on a date with someone more appealing than you, it is imperative to remain calm and collected. Women like men who have their wits about them, and if you are too emotional to maintain your composure, you will lose her interest quickly. The key is to be as calm and cool as possible, even when she tests you with a witty comment or a passionate gesture. Successful men will never respond to a woman’s dramatic antics.

Dealing with unattractiveness

Feeling unattractive when dating someone more attractive than you can be an isolating and demoralizing experience. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including physical changes such as pregnancy and menopause, or even childhood beliefs about appearance. It can also be the result of past relationships. Dealing with unattractiveness can be a challenge, but there are ways to combat the feelings and make yourself more attractive.



First of all, remember that some people are born with more beauty than others. Others work hard to stay fit and achieve admirable appearances. Regardless of how unattractive someone else may seem, a person who’s truly attractive is the one who’s most interested in themselves and not their looks. A person who doesn’t care how others perceive them is much more likely to focus on their own personal attributes and interests.

While many people consider themselves to be a little less attractive than others, the truth is that they’re still a lot more appealing than the average person. This can be true for a number of reasons, including their strong personalities, lack of self-confidence, and other traits. Being less attractive than others can also help them bounce back into life with new perspectives. Having a new perspective on someone who’s less attractive than you can help you capture emotions and produce beautiful work.


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